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Single Review #1: Searching – Z by Z!

On February 20th, 2020, the indie rock artist known as Z by Z released one of his most powerful songs, Searching. The New York native has this incredible way of bringing his audience into the universe that exists within his music.

Stir the pot/Cook some sense. From the first two lines, we are already drawn in with singer Harrison Cohen’s crisp and inviting vocals. The mellow beginning makes me feel like I’m anxiously looking for someone at the end of a long hallway. After about a minute, the band kicks in hard and takes us to a completely new and exciting place. The multiple distorted electric guitars, combined with the laid-back 6/8 time signature reminds me of a modern Queen rock ballad. It’s also amazing that literally the entire song showcases Harrison’s undeniable vocal ability. From smooth falsetto to precise vocal riffs to outstanding high register belts, Searching is the perfect song to cover if you want to impress people.

The struggle Harrison faces in this song is intense and intoxicating. The instrumentation is romantic but haunting. Passionate but dangerous. And the lyrics are angry but gentle: Why don’t you come out tonight/And don’t say a word of it. I love how I feel on edge yet somehow comforted while listening to Searching. When Harrison’s vocals come back in after the perfectly soothing electric guitar solo, it feels like a battle between music and lyrics. But, it’s the kind of McCartney-Wilson battle that pushes the other to greatness.

Searching is the kind of tune that draws you in and keeps you there. There isn't a single moment that feels contrived. Z by Z outdid himself with this banger. I would recommend this song to anyone who likes Arctic Monkeys, wonderful songwriting, and a great soundtrack for their next whimsical epiphany.

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Sam Benard
Sam Benard
May 28, 2021

One of my favorite tracks by one of my favorite bands! Agree about it being truly intoxicating :)

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