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  • Meryl Rudy

Single Review #10: Don't Be Alone – Adam Reifsnyder

I discovered Cleveland-based folk-pop singer Adam Reifsnyder as a solo artist. Once a member of WALK THE MOON, Adam now releases intimate, passionate ballads. I was specifically drawn to his tune Don’t Be Alone.

Don’t Be Alone begins with a mellow guitar finger picking pattern, accompanied by stunning dueling violins, and a minimal acoustic piano part. I’m not sure if it’s the eerie cover photo or the haunting tune itself, but something about Don’t Be Alone instantly makes me feel like I’m alone in a secluded cabin. The memorable oohs and bum bums are quite interesting to me. Compared to the lyrics and instrumentation, that vocal part feels more playful. They almost add a lighthearted element to the song.

As the song progresses, a forceful stomping drum groove begins. The song turns into what I imagine as the perfect “runaway” song; the scene where the main character is finally deciding to leave their troubled life in search of something grander. This is the climactic point in Don’t Be Alone. Emotions heightened. Fears conquered. Fate tested. The star of the show is facing the march of their life. The cello tremolo(rapid reiteration of a note) is iconic and mystifying, furthering the intensity. Don’t Be Alone is a perfect example of how to not overcomplicate things. The simplicity of the tune only makes it more powerful. I would recommend this song to anyone who loves acoustic, folky, mysterious, enlightening ballads.

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