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  • Meryl Rudy

Single Review #11: Blue Day – The Collection

Even though I have already reviewed a song by The Collection, I felt the strong urge to write another! I recently moved to Nashville, and anyone that’s gone through a huge move knows how overwhelming such a big change can be. The Collection has always been a powerfully comforting experience for me, and I was drawn to their tune Blue Day: the perfect “why do I feel off my game today?” song.

Blue Day begins with a sweet and simple acoustic guitar introduction. This guitar part really sets up the song; it is just intimate enough to bring the listener into the room with the singers, David Wimbish, Sarah McCoy, and Hayden Cooke. Those three voices are blended perfectly in stunning harmony for almost the entire song. There are only a few moments where the lead singer, David, is singing by himself. David could have sung the whole song alone and it would have sounded lovely. But, by including Sarah and Hayden’s beautiful voices, the listener feels heard, and the song becomes even more relatable. Everyone has felt this sort of isolation, which makes Blue Day a song of compassion and empathy.

The minutes are a symbol of my impatience/Waiting for someone to convince me I’ve made it. You wouldn’t know this from just reading, but when listening to the song, the syllables in the word “impatience” are miss-stressed. Normally, it’s pronounced “imPAtience”, but David chose to to emphasize “impatIENCE”. In songwriting classes, this is illegal! But for some reason, it works here. It almost accentuates the feeling of being impatient; that need for, in this case, reassurance. I believe every songwriting “rule” is meant to be broken. During my first semester at Berklee College of Music almost five years ago, I overheard someone say, “Learn everything you can because it’s useful, but then forget it and get creative.” To date, this is one of my songwriting and musical mantras.

Just like the icon Hannah Montana once said, “Everybody has those days.” A “blue day” is not a new concept, but I personally have never felt it quite like I do when listening to this Collection tune. The gentle three-part harmony, combined with the modest acoustic guitar is the perfect recipe for comfort during a blue day. Blue Day feels like a hug.

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