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  • Meryl Rudy

Single Review #8: This Old Plane – The Bad Oats

The Bad Oats are a Boston-based country band known for their phenomenal musicianship and gorgeous vocals. They often cover pop songs with their roots instrumentation: acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, with the occasional electric guitar twang, and drums. However, recently The Bad Oats have been working towards their debut album with loads of original tunes, including their fantastic new single, This Old Plane.

This Old Plane wastes no time. From the get-go the listener is enchanted with an energetic introduction of the mandolin solo doubling what will be the melody of the choruses and verses. This is a classic folk/Americana move: having the same melody for both the choruses and verses. I love when tunes do this, because it makes songs incredibly memorable and comforting. The upbeat, driving drums keep the entire song lively. Each solo(mandolin, banjo, and acoustic guitar) is exciting and unique. And every time the three-part harmony choruses come back, I am compelled to join in as if I’m also in the band. All the musicians and vocalists in The Bad Oats are phenomenal in their own right, but together they become a flawless, wonderfully oiled country machine.

I hope this reminds you to remind you of me. This is an awesome lyric. This line seems to be the focus line. It's meant to stand out to the listener. I’m definitely not singing it over & over again at this exact moment.. Hats off to the songwriter and mandolin player of The Bad Oats, Sam Powers, for this truly awesome tune. Every time I listen I feel like I’m right there with the band. It’s the perfect song for a country or bluegrass jam. I can see This Old Plane becoming a classic Bad Oats tune for years to come.

The Bat Oats will be performing at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival on August 12. Get your tickets here:

The Bad Oats' socials:


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