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Meryl Rudy is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, musician, and producer. At eight-years-old, Meryl began her musical journey by taking classical piano lessons alongside her father. Two years later, Meryl discovered her true passion. She picked up a guitar to write a song. She has since written over four hundred tunes. Some of her biggest influences are the Madison Cunningham, Theo Katzman, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, and of course, Taylor Swift.


Meryl graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in Songwriting. She has performed in venues across the country in her duo Two Birds, alongside her five-piece band, and solo. She also opened for NPR’s Tiny Desk Top Shelf Judges Pick of 2019, The Collection (who also happens to be Meryl’s favorite band).

Meryl is currently working on her upcoming album, featuring her most recent single Seen.


Stream Seen on Spotify here

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In addition to creating music, Meryl is also passionate about music education, giving others a way to express themselves through music. While in high school, she taught beginner guitar to children and adults. She also has experience as a song leader— guiding and teaching prayers through music—at her hometown synagogue in the Chicago area and synagogues in Boston. Meryl even co-wrote a nationwide-known version of the Sh’ma prayer called Sh’ma (You Shall Love) with her friends, Sam and Zach Powers. This version is sung at Jewish summer camps and synagogues across the country. 


Meryl has released a series of Featuring EPs, including her song, I'd Run to the Moon, with over half a million streams on Spotify. These EPs are collections of Meryl’s original music featuring different artists and musicians to highlight the various voices and genres for which she loves to write. Not only did she “cast” (as Meryl likes to call it) the artists for the project, but also she produced and arranged the songs, recorded demos, organized rehearsals and recording sessions, and performed acoustic guitar on all of the songs. Collaboration with other artists, musicians, and creators has always been an important part of Meryl's musical journey.

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