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  • Meryl Rudy

Single Review #7: Loud – The Collection

The Collection has been my favorite bands for the last few years. Practically their entire catalog of music speaks to me as a songwriter and a listener. From stunning three-part harmony folk ballads that are made for hammock-ing, to fully orchestrated alt-pop tunes, perfect for roaming around an art museum. Songwriter David Wimbish has written inspirational songs for years in the band, but their recent single Loud is arguably one of The Collection’s most commanding tunes.

Loud begins with a minimalistic drum groove and moving lyrics. Holding my breath for a while until the end is apparent/I’ve been pressing my lips to a smile/Just try to grin and bare it. What a simple, yet vivid start. These lines set up an emotional and powerful piece. But we don’t know how truly powerful the tune will be until the full band and unforgettable chorus arrives. There, we get the quintessential Collection instrumentation: tons of horns, big drums, electric guitars, and an ensemble of infectious melody and harmony vocals. The Collection no doubt takes influence from iconic folk-rock bands like The Head and the Heart, The Lumineers, and The Oh Hellos.

I wanna hear you getting loud. This is a protest song; a flooding of frustration and passion. This past year tested everyone’s patience, and Loud perfectly embodies that desire for change. This indie-rock banger is motivating, upbeat, and eloquently written. It's about searching for your voice, and trying to make an impact. Plus, it’s impossible to sit still while listening. I first started listening to The Collection while roaming the streets of Valencia, Spain, learning to feel comfortable in my own skin, like most people in their twenties. Loud brings me back to those days. If you want the confidence to strut around, pretending to be the main character, Loud is your tune.

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