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  • Meryl Rudy

Single Review #6: Eye To Eye – Specific Coast!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Specific Coast is a Spotify Discover Weekly artist I found a few weeks ago, and I’ve been listening to his song Eye to Eye nonstop since. Even though I’m writing this from inside a coffee shop while it’s showering rain outside, this Los Angeles artist makes me feel like I’m relaxing in a hammock by the ocean.

Eye to Eye starts out with a bar of unedited guitar strumming. It almost sounds like a voice memo recording. This brings the listener into the space of the song and sets up the intimacy. The vocals come in with mellow, doubled melodies that feel like a perfect combination of The Lumineers and Jack Johnson. It’s getting late and you’re standing on my couch/so that we’re the same height/I kiss you eye to eye. Any couple with a huge height difference has done something like this. It’s so simple, yet it’s a perfect image. For me, what makes a great lyrical song is being able to capture a moment in a unique way. And this is done wonderfully in this heartwarming song.

Though Eye to Eye has minimal instrumentation(acoustic guitar, layered vocals, and a snare that sounds like tapping the body of a vintage acoustic guitar), I feel engaged the entire time. And, even though the song is just over three minutes, it feels much shorter. I think this is due to the repeated humming sections. These humming breakdowns remind me of one of my role models, Tom Rosenthal. Like Tom, Specific Coast singer Matthew Dunne's vocals in this song are gentle, yet rough enough to have a bit of character, and more importantly, comforting. This tune brings me so much joy. I am content whenever I listen. Matthew wrote a delicate, tender tune that feels like a weighted blanket.

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