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  • Meryl Rudy

Single Review #5: Finally Feeling Young – Sam Robbins!

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Robbins is one of those artists that just knows how to get the listener in the feels. As a fan, collaborator, and friend of Sam’s, I have first-hand been able to witness the dedication he puts into his music. And today, we will take a deeper look into the title track from his fantastic debut album, Finally Feeling Young, released May 14th, 2021.

Right away, with the combination of pedal steel and 6/8 time signature groove, we know this tune will be a meaningful folk-pop ballad. Pedal steel is the perfect, dynamic instrument to give a song like this right amount of country twang. Sam is one of my favorite artists, not only because of his gorgeous voice & beautiful storytelling, but also because of his classic singer/songwriter, James Taylor-esque sound: acoustic and electric guitar, light drums and electric bass, acoustic piano, that pedal steel I mentioned, layered vocals, and a couple fun jazz chord changes.

This song takes you through a range of emotions and settings. It starts off reflective. I spent 16 to 22 tryna be in love/Tryna make someone else show me who I was. This simple but powerful line is terribly relatable. At that age, it feels like we know everything about ourselves and the world. When in reality, we know only a tiny, tiny fraction. All we want to do in our youth is discover and express ourselves and pretend we understand complex emotions and relationships. To me, Finally Feeling Young means feeling fulfilled even though you don’t know everything. It’s feeling comfortable asking questions and learning things about yourself and those around you. It’s feeling humbled by ignorance, but curious about the world. Sam’s entire album has this thread of searching that I highly recommend to anyone with a love for elegant folk-pop storytelling.

Check out Sam’s website below for upcoming shows in the Northeast this August!

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