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  • Meryl Rudy

Single review #4: Imposter Syndrome – Rowan Morgan!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Since June 4th, 2021, our ears have been blessed with the pop smash, Imposter Syndrome, by Rowan Morgan. Every time I hear this song, my head immediately starts bobbing back and forth. I cannot control it, and guarantee anyone who listens to this song will have the same reaction. Imposter Syndrome, produced by Michael Brook, will no doubt be the banger of the summer.

The tune starts off with this lofi Ariana Grande speaking introduction, and once the vocals kick in, you just know it's going to slap. Suddenly, we are brought into the mid-tempo, bass-heavy groove. Michael’s production clearly takes influence from the iconic Charlie Puth, anti-chorus sound. What I mean by “anti-chorus” is, instead of an intense, bead drop, the chorus has more of a laid back groove. I absolutely love this about Charlie Puth’s production, and now this amazing Rowan tune, because it makes the chorus unexpected. With a lot of pop music, the chorus is biggest section in the song. However, this "anti-chorus" makes the chorus stand out; it forces you to pay attention.

Every section in Imposter Syndrome is incredibly unique and exciting. Rowan’s gorgeous layered vocals mixed with the catchy melodic lines makes this an awesome stuck-in-your-head kind of song. By the end, you will have memorized the lyrics and will be able to sing along like it’s in your bones. The vocal echoes. The subtle, distorted electric guitar. The electronic drum brushes. The extra long pause before the last chorus. Every little detail in Imposter Syndrome was cooked together to make this wonderfully crafted pop tune. And you can bet I’ll be blasting it on repeat at the beach until I look like a lobster.

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