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  • Meryl Rudy

Single review #2: Birthday – Halley Neal!

Halley Neal has just released her self-titled debut album today! And since April 30th, 2021, I have been jamming to the fourth single and pop-folk smash, Birthday. This Nashville-based singer-songwriter is one of my go-to artists for a windows down car ride.

Birthday is off to the races from the very first line: You don't call me on my birthday. Right away, we're taken to that dreadful place we’ve all been: wanting to call someone we shouldn’t, or wanting a call from someone we shouldn’t. The driving electric guitars and dynamic drum groove bring a sense of urgency and passion to the song. I'm temped to shut my laptop and start dancing in the middle of my room.

It’s easier to think in terms of the beginning/When I was convinced that I knew you. Everyone who has gone through a breakup understands this feeling. The desire to travel back in time to the simpler days when everything was roses, romance, and infatuation. Lyrics like these combined with the 70s chord changes remind of some of the great female folk queens like Carole King and Stevie Nicks.

Halley’s smooth and sweet voice is so perfectly suited for this sassy, almost grungy, pop tune. The melodies of each unique section in this song are infectious. The large build towards the end of the song, when Halley repeats And that’s fine over and over, is truly exhilarating. I picture Halley-fans(including myself) scream-crying Birthday at the wind in a top-down convertible. This tune really sends you on a journey. It starts with the heartache of not hearing from your ex on your birthday, but helps you find satisfaction, if not comfort, in being independent once again. Birthday is an awesome tune to help you get that so-called “perfect person” off your mind. Check out this amazing pop-folk anthem, along with the rest of Halley Neal's debut album!

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